Thin sections Neolithic rock shelter

More thin sections from a Spanish Neolithic rock shelter

Terrascope has finished the manufacturing of a dozen thin sections for the archaeological and micromorphological investigation of a Spanish rock shelter used as a shelter by shepherds during the Neolithic period. We had already prepared over 30 slides from that same site in 2019 and 2020 and the researcher, being happy with the quality of the thin sections, came back with more samples.

The samples are very heterogeneous, containing at the same time mineral (volcanic rocks, calcite) and organic deposits (charcoals, bones and lots of dung!). They can be hard to prepare and to grind but they make really stunning objects on the aesthetic point of view. Some samples could be mounted on a single mammoth slide but some were too big and required an additional large thin section to cover the complete sequence. When two thin sections are required, a good overlapping is always a good thing, as you can see on the pictures below.

We hope this new batch of thin sections will help the researcher in her researcher on fodder and husbandry practices in Northern Spain at the Neolithic period.

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