Terrascope Thin Section Slides is a laboratory dedicated to the production of high-quality micromorphology thin section slides. Opened in 2019 and specializing in the production of large-format “mammoth” thin section slides (139 x 68mm) from soils and sediments from archaeological sites, we also can prepare slides for wide variety of other materials including ceramics, daub, mud brick, adobe, tile, etc., as well as from geomorphological and geological sediment cores and samples.

In addition to the Mammoth (139 x 68mm: 160 € a piece) slides we are equipped to produce 90 x 60mm (120 € a piece) , 75 x 38mm (85 € a piece), and 45 x 30mm (55 € a piece) micromorphology thin section slides. For an additional fee, we can cover your thin sections with borosilicate coverglass thickness n°1 of premium quality. 

Our new, dedicated micromorphology lab is equipped with two Brot Laboratoire Multiplate thin section grinders, Pfeiffer vacuum chamber and pump, Vodex fume cupboard, a dedicated sediment drying oven (temperature controlled to ensure the slow, even drying of your samples), as well as a Brunel polarizing microscope. We have a separate, dedicated wet-cutting room, equipped with a water-cooled (diamond blade) cutting and slabbing saw, where the impregnated blocks of sediment are trimmed and sliced prior to mounting on appropriately sized glass slides.

We use a water-clear, UV-stabilized Polyester Resin for impregnating all our samples, as well as a non-toxic and colorless mineral-based oil for lubricating the samples during the grinding process.

The company was created by Sabrina Save, who was trained in the art and science of thin section preparation in the McBurney Laboratory for Geoarchaeology, University of Cambridge, by Professor Charles French and Dr Tonko Rajkovaca.

Please contact us for a quotecontact@terrascope-tss.com. And every 20 slides of a kind, get a free one!

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