Soil thin sections from the Netherlands

Terrascope has manufactured a batch of 14 slides for the SPNA (Netherlands). We received the Kubiena tins early April and 5 weeks later the thin sections are ready.

After air drying the samples, they have been impregnated with polyester resin then placed in the vacuum chamber for 6 hours. The samples were left at room temperature for 24 hours then placed in a warm ventilated cupboard at 35°C to finalise curing for at least 24 additional hours. When the blocks were fully cured and hard like glass, they were cut into slabs with a saw and the slabs were mounted and ground to the correct thickness for micromorphological analysis. We made sure by checking with our polarised microscope that the minerals are clearly identifiable and that the organic components are also visible.

These slides are part of an agricultural research project to investigate the effect of salt on agricultural soils.

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Impregnation of the micromorphological samples with polyester resin
Micromorphological thin section from Netherlands soils