Thin sections from a Spanish rock shelter

New lot of thin sections from a Spanish rock shelter and modern dung samples

Last thin sections of 2019! Terrascope has just finished manufacturing a lot of thin sections from a Spanish rock shelter used by shepherds during the Neolithic period. This set is completed by some slides of modern dung to compare the archaeological dung remains with the modern ones and investigate the question of fodder. The researcher will use micromorphology technics and phytolith analysis to investigate her slides.

The modern dung samples have been very difficult to prepare as the resin reacted strangely with the samples. The dung did not impregnate well and the samples tended to crack when curing. All the material is preserved on the slides but on some slides it is distorted. Anyway it will have no impact on the research as the researcher is interested in the content of the dung and not its deposition processes. Thin sectioning is an art but not an exact science and it can sometimes be difficult to make perfect thin sections. Nevertheless look at these beauties! I think I did a good job! 😀

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