Thin section from lake core

Thin sections from lake cores

Terrascope has manufactured two thin sections from cores taken in Traunsee lake, Austria. The researchers are coring the bottom of the lake to locate Bronze Age settlements. As the samples are wet and fine grained sediments, the researchers freeze dried them in order to prevent deformation during drying, then impregnated the cores with polyester resin (without vacuum). They sent us some slabs of the samples to prepare as thin sections, 1 mammoth slide and 1 large. A small surface reimpregnation was necessary as the resin had not penetrated well into the bigger sample but the grinding went very well and we managed to produce beautiful thin sections! Given the amount of charcoal and bones at the base of the mammoth slide, I think they found a site!

If you have questions or need some thin sections to be made, please contact us for a quote.

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